Thursday, September 25, 2008

What happened to Mt Dew online?

Years ago life was good. Consumers were able to order online their one true love, Mountain Dew in glass bottles. Of course like all humorous jokes that start "Did you hear the one about the attorney" this one is not so funny.

California, known for its sunshine and crazy laws created one named Proposition 65. This law was to protect citizens from certain chemicals that the state considered "potentially cancerous". Thanks to this law just about everything in California is now slapped with a Prop 65 warning label.

So how does this impact Mt Dew in glass bottles you ask? Well thankfully a lawyer (not in California) but in the east coast decided he needed to protect the locals and chase down beverage manufacturers because of the possible violation of Prop 65 with some of their brands. Needless to say the beverage companies laid down on this one and paid some quick fines. Because of the outcome most of the nostalgic brands produced in glass bottles with painted logo exteriors got whacked and were no longer allowed to be sold online. Besides Mt Dew some of the other great brands to go down were Nehi, RC Cola and Dr.Pepper.

Hopefully there is a comeback story for Mt. Dew in something other than cans. Pepsi in their marketing efforts has started doing some unique things with their packaging. Although it may be a play on the always changing Jones Soda labels I think Pepsi is going in the right direction.

Check out this picture of Mt Dew Green Label Art packaging.

These new bottles are aluminum with shrink wrapped labels and totally cool. The word is that these bottles are currently available in a few select areas nationwide. Beverages Direct is working overtime trying to get some in house.

So don't give up hope as Mt Dew may once again be available online through Beverages Direct.

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